Have you found yourself playing FAR too much Simpsons: Tapped Out on iPad / iPhone / Android? Find yourself logging in just to earn a few extra fake $$$ and some puny XP? Do you actually not enjoy the game any longer but …just…can’t….stop…?

I feel you, bro.

This is my 12-step program to get rid of your TSTO-addiction once and for all:

  1. Understand that No, it will never end. You will never be “done”. It’s made up that way… Yes, I know there are (currently!) only 36 levels but there will be more, and more…
  2. Understand that No, the addiction won’t end either. You will never be able to play it “maybe a bit now and then, whenever you feel like it”. It’s made up to make you log in all the time, just for that little quick fix of TSTO.
  3. Deleting the app won’t do the trick. It’s a start but it’s not enough. You know you will cave in once you may have earned enough to pay for that next building.
  4. Say goodbye to your town.
  5. Sell off all your buildings and decorations, that can be sold off. Unfortunately you cannot destroy them but selling them will destroy much of what you worked for. Your motivation to get it all back will be lowered. However, you will make tons of money that could bring you back into your addiction again.
  6. Buy the most expensive building. Use all your remaining donuts to complete it. Sell it again…and so on, until you are out of donuts.
  7. This is how much you can actually do with your Springfield in one shot. You are left with quite a lot of money that you cannot really “burn” all that easily so go to the Origin homepage and sign-in.
  8. Ask to delete your account from the Support. There is no way to do this automatically, you have to ask them to do so. Prepare to fail and instead continue like this:
  9. Change your security question answer to something random, like dsadfasuidfsadfusaf. Keep that phrase for just a minute.
  10. Change your password to something similar, that you clearly won’t remember. Use your random security question answer in order to do so.
  11. Destroy your security question answer and log out. Now you won’t be able to know how to login, you cannot claim “Forgot your password” since you don’t know your security question answer. Your Origin account is gone. Gone!
  12. Now, delete your app and enjoy the sunshine. You are free!
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2 Responses to Detoxifying yourself from Simpsons: Tapped Out

  1. Dan Jones says:

    “Have you found yourself playing FAR too much Simpsons: Tapped Out on iPad / iPhone?”

    No. I play on my Android phone, so clearly, I don’t have a problem.

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