Maybe this has been done before, I don’t know, but I just found this really cool way to make zombie eyes and just plainly scary eyes – without using Photoshop! You need a systematic camera where you can adjust the shutter speed though.

Zombie eyes

In order to make the regular zombie eyes, put your shutter speed at around 1 second (depends of course on the light in the room, this was shot in a rather dark room). Zoom in on the face and keep the camera very steady. Start by looking hard to the right, start taking the photo and switch over and look to the left. The camera will “average out” your eyes and make them all white like this:

zombie eyes (no photoshopping)


Scary eyes

These scary eyes are done almost the same way but instead you start by staring into the camera and after half the shutter time you close your eyes.

scary eyes

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